Swift360 Kick It For BHF Day Raises £650!

7 June 2018

Our support of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) continued last week as we hosted a 'Kick It For BHF' fundraising football tournament!

Highlights included

  • Watching as the best football got booted a bit too aggressively across the field, over a hedge, and into the great beyond - never to be seen again.
  • A severe case of cramp, resulting in lots of rolling around on the ground, stretching, hobbling and generally enough drama to rival the actual Premier League.
  • Far too much cake than strictly necessary for a sporting event (although, strangely enough, nobody was complaining).
  • Quite possibly the most phenomenal one-on-one miss the world has ever seen. It was like watching a daddy long legs trip over its own feet.
  • A hefty kick of the ball directly into the top goal scorer's chest, with all the force of a small meteor, leaving him winded on the sidelines. Unfortunately for the opposition, he was back on the pitch and scoring again within minutes. Nice try, lads.
  • Two dogs. Enough said.

The grand total raised was a fantastic £650 and we're delighted it's going to such a good cause. The whole team is buzzing for the next fundraising event!

You can also donate to BHF, or find out how to get involved, by visiting their website.

Also, a big thank you to TraffiGlove for taking part!