How To Reduce Your Fire Extinguisher Expense By Over 50%

Posted by Lizzie Allen 5 June 2018

Fire extinguishers are one of those products absolutely vital for workplace safety, yet nobody gives them a second thought.

They're just sort of...there. Mounted on the wall. Waiting.

And all that time you're having to foot the annual maintenance bill.

Well, what if we told you there's a new product on the market which eliminates these costs entirely? And reduces overall fire extinguisher expenses by over 50%?

Enter: Self-Service Fire Extinguishers!

What's So Special About Them?

Good question. Let's break this down.

Traditional extinguishers must have regular servicing visits from a specially trained and licensed technician. This is to ensure the pressure level within the extinguisher is at the optimum level to fight fire.

However, self-service fire extinguishers wave goodbye to all this hassle. Forget about coordinating technician visits and using valuable money from your budget. It's time to service the extinguisher yourself in a matter of minutes - and only once a year!

How Does Self-Servicing Work?

Super easily! The self-service fire extinguishers we supply all come with a small magnetic tool for checking the pressure gauge. Aside from a quick visual check for damage, this is the only inspection you need to carry out. Or a colleague, for that matter, because anybody can carry out this inspection.

Then, after 10 years, the extinguisher is factory tested or self-exchanged with a professionally tested unit.

We weren't lying when we said it was simple!

Fire Extinguishers

Any Other Benefits?

You bet! The range we supply boasts the following features:

  • Made from an incredibly tough composite material which can't corrode, providing an outstanding 20 year life cycle
  • No requirement for a 5 year discharge test (unlike standard powder and foam extinguishers)
  • Tested and approved for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V at 1 metre. This means there's no need to purchase a separate CO2 extinguisher, which generally reduces the number of fire extinguishers required by 30% or more!
  • Fully recyclable, making them the greenest fire extinguishers on the market
  • Numerous third party certification, including the Kitemark, verifying compliance with BS EN3 (the manufacturing standard for fire extinguishers)
  • There's a Self-Service fire extinguisher for almost any requirement, including cooking oil risks and extinguishers for vehicles and boats
  • No need for an engineer to visit your site to carry out maintenance, keeping things hassle-free and reducing CO2 travel emissions

The Future of Fire Extinguishers Is Here

We love to keep our readers at the forefront of technology by showcasing the latest safety solutions. Which is why you find yourself here, reading about these nifty fire extinguishers which could revolutionise the industry.

But you've waited long enough.

With so many amazing features, it's time to give your extinguishers a major upgrade while you sit back and enjoy the cost-savings.

Download our free Self-Service Fire Extinguisher guide below to see our current range and start placing orders!