5 Times Star Wars Forgot About Health & Safety

Posted by Lizzie Allen 4 May 2019

May 4th - Star Wars

Look, I know the Star Wars universe isn't exactly meant to scream 'Health and Safety' - but Kylo Ren's crossguard lightsaber is just mad.

And after seeing it again in the trailer for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, it got me thinking about all the other times Star Wars forgot about safety.

In fact, I was so passionate about it I ended up handpicking my five favourite Star Wars safety failings. And they're all listed here for you to enjoy. So, let's dive in!

 1. Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

Ok, ok, I agree with you - Kylo Ren's lightsaber looks super cool. Am I bit jealous of it? Yes. Does that jealousy fly in the face of safety sanity? Also yes.

You see, the crossguard is a bold choice. I dig it from an aesthetic point of view, but in practicality it's a nightmare.

One false move and the wielder is headed for serious injury. I mean could you imagine if, at a critical moment in a lightsaber duel, you accidentally cut off your own fingers or hand? That's massively embarrassing. And not even the best safety gloves in the universe could keep you protected.

Count me out.

2. Walkways Without Handrails

Why are there so many of them in Star Wars? It all started with the Death Star which didn't have a handrail in sight, despite having vast hanging walkways just to get from A to B. There wasn't even a guardrail in the beam chamber. The beam chamber!

And now with the new trilogy, am I really meant to believe The First Order can turn an entire planet into a giant death ray, but they haven't figured out how to install handrails yet?!

I'm telling you right now, if the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) was allowed on either the Death Star or Star Killer base, they'd shut the whole operation down in seconds.

Take that, Star Wars villains!

3.  General Grievous

Honestly, just his whole existence.

But let's start with his coughing, which suggests his lungs are packing up. I suspect there's some crazy backstory for this, but it could be the case he refused to wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and has spent years inhaling weird space dust - and now he's suffering the consequences. 

Also the lightsaber situation. It's a lot. Four is definitely too many to be swinging around and one of them is going to have some poor droid's head off.

Seems like General Grievous missed his risk assessment...but then again, he doesn't strike me as the kind to care.

4. AT-ATs Operated In Bad Weather

Please look at the image below.

May 4th - At-At

Do these machines strike you as particularly sturdy in snowy weather? Because they don't to me.

Look at those ridiculous, spindly metal legs. One bad decision by the driver and the whole AT-AT is slipping over on some ice and crashing down.

Honestly, it's a miracle the attack on Hoth went as well as it did. Especially when you take into account slips, trips and falls are easily one of the most frequent workplace accidents.

Always take environmental factors into account when you do your risk assessments, people!

(Psst, we even have a handy risk assessment template you can download to make it a breeze.)


I want to start with the fact there seem to be no landing strips in most of the hangars.

Spaceships are literally blasting in and out, trying to find a safe place to land, and nobody thought to pop in some landing lights, or even just some white paint, so pilots could see where to go.

Add into the mix a penchant for terrible lighting (some of the hangars are just... so dark?!) and nobody wearing any High-Vis - and you have yourself an accident waiting to happen.

They definitely don't conform to the HSE's strict guidelines on workplace lighting and safety. And that's all I have to say about that.


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